What is ComicHeart and how it came to be?
ComicHeart is an online store specialized in comic art representation. It was created in 2014 and it has been online since February 2015. To know more about us, click here.

Which artists do you work with?
We are currently representing Portuguese comicbook artists working for national and international publishers: Jorge Coelho (Marvel, BOOM! Studios, Image), Miguel Mendonça (Zenezcope), Ricardo Venâncio (Passenger Press), Rui Lacas (Les Editions Paquet, Asa), Osvaldo Medina (Kingpin Books), Joana Afonso (Polvo, Kingpin Books), among others.

What kind of payment options do you offer?
We accept payements through PayPal and we are studying other options.

Do you charge VAT or other taxes?
We are based in Portugal. For non-EU clients we don't charge taxes. For EU clients, VAT and other taxes may apply.

How do you handle the shipping?
All original art will be shipped in-between two sections of masonite or inside storage tubes.  All shipments will be sent via CTT International.

How long does the order takes to arrive?
We ship our orders within 5 business days. Delivery usually takes up to one week, depending on destination.

Are you looking for more artists to represent?

Yes, we welcome anyone interested in working with us. If you're interested, please Contact us.